Send UHD signals up to 70m with ARC and CEC

The HDE4K70ARC UHD extender will be able to handle HDR (High Dynamic Range) so you can have confidence that your new HDR panel will shine. Don’t use equipment that will throttle your TV’s performance.

The HDE4K70ARC UHD extender is capable of the full 4K/60 at 4:4:4 Chroma Sub Sampling. Experience excellent picture quality through the HDE4K70ARC.

The HDE4K70ARC UHD extender is capable of ARC (Audio Return Channel). Send the sound from your TV back to the amplifier with no additional extenders or cables. Just use with a ARC capable TV and Receiver.

Audio Return Channel

The HDE4K70ARC uses ARC (Audio Return Channel), this technology lets you use a single HDMI connection to send audio from a TV to the sound bar or AV receiver. ARC simplifies your setup, and reduce the number of cables and other equipment you need to send the audio signal back to the home theater receiver.

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