AEON PRO’s First Fibre Extender

Single-Mode=2Km Multi-Mode=305m @18Gbps 4K Signal

The SFP Module on the HDEFK4K Fibre Extender can take both Single-Mode Fibre cable and MUlti-Mode Fibre cable, making it one of the most versatile Fibre Extenders on the market.

If distance is a problem, look no further. The HDEFK4K Fibre Extender can extend a 4K/UHD 18Gbps signal up to 2 Kms (Single-Mode Fibre Cable).

Because glass does not conduct electricity or radio frequencies, the HDEFK4K Fibre Extender makes it an ideal install into environments with high interference from EMI or RFI.

No EMI or RFI to Worry about!!

The great thing about Fibre is that it is very versatile. You can run these cables next to power cables with no chance of interference (EMI or RFI). Other benefits include, no surge over the cable, unlike copper and no corrosion from the sea water.

Great for Long Runs and Outdoor Events

Because Single-Mode Fibre can run up to 2Km, running a video feed around a stadium is not an issue for the HDEFK4K Fibre Extender. The SFP module in the unit can handle both Single and Multi-Mode fibre cables, making it a versatile option for any fibre infrastructure.

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