AEON PRO’s 4×4 HDBaseT Matrix (1+3)

18Gbps HDBaseT 1+3 Matrix with Receivers

The HDM44-18-HDBT UHD Matrix is capable of the full 4K/60 at 4:4:4 Chroma Sub Sampling. Experience excellent picture quality through the HDM44-18-HDBT.

The HDM44-18-HDBT UHD Matrix comes with IR receivers and transmitters, giving you ultimate control no matter which room you are in.

The HDM44-18-HDBT UHD Matrix is controllable via IP and comes with a GUI based interface. Just connect the 4K Matrix to the network.

Experience 4K/60 With The HDM44-18-HDBT

Sharper footage, more detail and experience better picture!!

GUI Based Control

Control Inputs, Outputs, EDID, power on/off and more

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