Aeon 4K Slimline HDMI cables are perfect for connecting between HDMI audio-video sources and devices. As displays become thinner, these lightweight and flexible cables are ideal where low profile HDMI cable connections are required. Available in a variety of cable lengths allowing you the flexibility to choose the correct length cable for each application.

Designed, built and tested to the highest specifications, using premium materials Aeon Installer Series cables all work with 4K Ultra HD resolutions, with a data transmission speed exceeding 18Gbps. This device will pass through 4K 60hz to your screen, with HDR and Dolby Vision. They are 3D and backward compatible, meaning they will work with new and old technology.

Aeon 4K Slimline HDMI series is the perfect solution for your low profile UHD interconnect needs. Suitable for PS4 Pro, Xbox One, 4K Bluray Players, Vodafone TV, Apple TV, Computers with 4K Output and everything in between.

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Standout Features

– Lightweight and flexible

– Professional slim design

– 18Gbps Bandwidth

– Suitable for connections between HDMI 2.0 devices

– Uncompressed video quality up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz and 30Hz at 4:4:4), and 1080p @ 60Hz signal

– Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Dolby Vision

– HDCP2.2 Pass through

– 0.5m in length (making it the perfect solution for connecting devices to your AV Receiver)

– 32 Audio channels

– 8/10/12bit colour depth

– Supports CEC 2.0, 3D, ARC