AEON USB3.1AOC20-CC – AOC 3.1 USBC to USBC (Male) Cable (20 meters)



  • 20m in length
  • Meet USB 3.1 Gen2 Standard , bandwidth can reach to 10Gbps super speed
  • Support length up to 30m
  • Hybrid optical cable with fiber and copper wire
  • Support two sides plug and play ;
  • Can provide 5V 800mA power maximum to the remote device ;
  • No RF interference , working stable in complex environments .

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How long can a USB-C cable be?

So how long can a USB-C cable be? USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) cables should be at most 2 meters, while USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) cables can reach up to 1 meter.

What happens if a cable is too long?

So what actually  happens if a cable is too long. Your USB cable may still supply power, but as you increase the distance, your data transfer rate will get lower and lower – and at really long distances, you may not be able to transfer data at all. Eventually, even power delivery will fail too. Simply put, the cable will not work at distances that are too long. These distances can be minimised by environmental factors too. EMI and RFI can increase attenuation and signal loss.

Get more length!

Active USB-C cables can come in handy when you need something with faster speeds and 4K videos that are longer than 1m. Active USB cables still can’t get much longer than passive ones, at least if you want the full capabilities that a USB cable can offer.

If you end up needing more than 3 meters of distance, then that is where Aeon’s Optical Cables come in. There are so many benefits of using fibre cables instead of copper. Aeon’s AOC USB 3.1 cable is the best solution for quality signal over long lengths.

You can extend USB 3.1 over USB C up to 30 meters.