AEON CT301 – Toslink Optical Cable – 1.5m


Deliver High-Quality Optical Digital Sound, with No Signal Interference

Connect your PC to your digital audio home theatre system.

Connect Digital Audio equipment such as  CD and DVD Players, Satellite Dish Receivers, Speakers, and any other products using Toslink optical interfaces.

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Quality Optical Toslink to Optical Toslink 1.5m

For the connection between devices with standard optical output (DVD players etc) and your Amp.
Metal connector bodies
Excellent bandwidth
Extra strength outer gives greater mechanical protection against damage.
Designed to maximize the digital audio signal from source devices such as a DVD to output devices such as an amplifier.
Can also be used to send a digital audio signal back from screens with a built-in digital tuner to an amplifier to give 5:1 audio if broadcast in this format.