AEON CA110 – 2 RCA TO 2RCA (Red White) – 10M


  • USE – Connect your RCA Stereo connection on your DVD player, satellite dish, cable box, computer, hi-fi VCR to the RCA Stereo inputs on your TV, monitor, or A/V receiver.
  • FLEXIBLE PVC JACKET – Allows for easy installation in tight spaces behind your desk, entertainment center, or audio rack without causing damage to the conductors
  • MOLDED CONNECTORS – Provides excellent strain relief against conductor damage.
  • FOIL AND BRAID SHIELD – Double shielding prevents and protects the cable from unwanted noise interference that can disrupt and degrade audio transmission signals
  • Aeon Superior Quality
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Make the right choice to connect any source with composite audio (left/right), to your TV, monitor, or a/v receiver. Ordinary “included in the box” audio cables often use low-quality materials with inferior shielding that can result in poor quality. But our RCA cables deliver all the detail you expect from your audio equipment.