Aeon CF103 – USB Printer Cable (Type A-B) 3m


Aeon CF103- Connect a USB port on your PC or Mac to a printer, keyboard, mouse, modem, or other USB-B compatible device input

This cable provides a transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps depending upon the peripheral’s USB version and easily attaches to any USB device

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AEON CF103 USB 2.0 High-Speed Printer Cable Type A Male to Type B Male

USB 2.0 Type B Printer Cable
AEON Printer cable comes with full USB 2.0 capability, up to 480Mbps high-speed data transfer & backwards compatibility, faster and more stable than most Wi-Fi connections, ideal for connecting your scanner, printer, server, hard drive, camera, piano and other USB b devices to a laptop, computer (Mac/PC) or other USB-enabled device for data transfer.

Easy Connection
Plug-&-play: Plug the standard Type-A Male connector into your computer, and the Type-B connector into your other device. Print all your files and photos clearly and never distortion.
Note: This printer USB cable has USB 2.0 Type B interface, not USB 3.0 Type B, please choose the right interface for your device.